Henk von der Moschel - line 11c

Henk von der Moshel

What sets us apart from other breeders in the USA? Huter der Nacht has focused on preserving the magnificent line 11c. In doing so, we have developed our own DDR line that can only be found here. A bloodline that would be a thing of the past.

   Who was Henk von der Moschel? I've been told by John LaTorre of vom Ostschutz Kennels that a man named, Reiner Becker grew up around Henk. LaTorre claimed that according to Becker, Henk was a very serious dog and lived a long time. Becker himself bred dogs to Henk. LaTorre stated he bought offsprings of Henk from Becker. According to Becker, Henk was a true DDR dog and one of the last real DDR dogs of his time in East Germany.

After my conversation with John, I knew the direction I would take in my breeding program. The plan was to line breed to such a DDR dog as Henk. I was striving to produce the old style DDR dog of days gone by. Huge heads, thick bones, not to extreme in drives or confirmation but balanced. A dog that is clear headed with solid nerves, working ability, and sound temperament. A beautiful dog with substance, natural suspicion in protection, and that sought after old style DDR look.

DDRs posses quite possibly the strongest defensive drive of all the shepherd lines I've been around! We believe they make the best family companion and protection dog in the world. Our 3rd generation Henk line dogs have proven to be very loyal, balanced and protective. They are true to the old style DDR look with big block heads and bones. We are looking forward to coming into our 4th generation of line breeding on Henk only. This planning will have taken almost 10 years of line breeding to produce. If you desire a one of a kind DDR dog that is loyal to their family, balanced, and very protective watch for our Henk line bred pups to come soon!